Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Samaritan Air Goes To Haiti

These pictures cannot fully convey the scope of devastation that the humble country of Haiti is currently experiencing. The last three major storms left in their path washed out roads and destroyed bridges. This along with massive mudslides has all but frozen the transportation of food and medical support and supplies to rural areas. It is a crisis which has brought Haiti, already used to harsh living conditions, to a place that can only be described as catastrophic.

Two days ago Brian and Hunter Parker went on a fact finding trip to assess the damage first hand and to be certain that the necessary fuel and aviation support would be there for the helicopter."Our hearts were broken by the conditions we saw but also encouraged by the many people who have stepped up to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who at this moment in time are 'the least of these' "

Many of the organizations that have descended upon Haiti to assist during this time of recovery are handicapped because of the poor conditions or lack of roads. Even those who usually transport aid by airplane have been hindered because many of their airstrips are destroyed or underwater.

Samaritan Air is sending an R44 Helicopter to Haiti to support the organizations already on the ground there. Our missions will include transport of food and medical personnel and supplies We will also assist government officials as they survey the devastation and plan to rebuild.

The R44 will leave Florida on October 1st. We will update this blog with every detail possible so that you are able to see all that God is doing when His people are His hands and feet.

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