Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hands and Feet Project

Today the helicopter was used to assist the Hands and Feet Project. Check them out at http://www.handsandfeetproject.org/ We are privileged to work along side such a quality organization.

Our base of operation is set up at the Christianville Compound in Greisser. Doug and Amy, have been so gracious. The basketball court has been converted into a heli-pad. The crew left the compound and headed towards Jacmel to view the mudslide area and to asses what could be done to restore and possibly prevent reoccurring. Their next mission was a delivery of "essential kits" to a small town that was unreachable by road. They flew a Pastor with them who shared a message of hope to the people of the town.

Tomorrow they will transport over 3000 lbs. of rice, beans and oil to the people of Seguin who have been cut off from all travel since the last storm.

We hoped we could have actual pictures of the mission but communication has been sparse. Their flight as recorded by our tracking system is pictured here.
Thank you for your prayers and your support.

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