Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday our world was rocked by the love and generosity of some little people. Martin, Hunter and myself had the privilege to visit a few of our top supporters.
We made the visit to The King's Academy, Mrs Kim Leslie's and Mrs Lois Sexton's kindergarten classes. They have been hard at work gathering cans of Money for us to further the work our helicopters and Pilots are doing. It was also very nice seeing Mrs. Jennnifer Roberts and Mrs Kim Williams.

The children raised money for Samaritan Air Helicopter Operations in Haiti. Some collected change, some did small jobs around the house, some even asked their parents, Grandparents, family and friends to help.
They decorated cans and collected the money for other children who are about 700 miles away.
As we spoke to the children it was easy to see they had learned alot about Haiti over the last month or so since the earthquake.
It was refreshing to see children at such a young age understand the importance of giving and the desire to be part of this global situation where so many are hurting.
I would like to say a special thank you to all the kid's, Parent's, Grandparent's, Family, Friends and TKA staff for their donation and all the prayers.
Great job!! TKA Kindergarten.

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