Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hunter is Home for a few days.

Hunter made it home for a few day's. Hunter will leave and go back to PAP with Dr Mark Kuhl's team on Friday the 26th of March.

John Kandel, Beau Durrua and Travis Parker arrived in PAP Haiti to meet up with Martin Schroeder to complete the maintenance which is due on the helicopter.
We are very thankful for John Kandel and his family, Beau Durrua and Travis Parker for flying down to complete the maintenance work.
We are also very grateful to MAF for allowing us to use their hangar facility to accomplish the maintenance on the helicopter.

Martin will fly back to the U.S on Monday to meet up with Hunter and the Kuhls to prepare for the trip back down on the 26th.
We were able to see a few friend's tonight after Hunter's arrival home. The picture is of Hunter and Mrs Leslie (TKA Kindergarten Teacher)
Hello TKA Kindergarten Class!!

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Anonymous said...

In our kindergarten class, Hunter Parker is a real live "good Samaritan" and is loved very much! Thanks for the amazing visit and for posting the photo. Props to Amanda P. the talented photographer, too! KL