Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Special request

On monday we received a request from Petit Goave clinic to transport pre mature triplets. One of the three babies was in critical condition, the other two appeared stable. When we arrived we loaded the nurse and triplets in the helicopter. The baby in critical condition had a tube to help the baby breath. I'm not sure whether the tube closed off or came out when the doctor jumped in the front seat and began to open the baby's airway. Once the baby was stable we took off and headed back to the University of Miami Hospital in port Au Prince. The baby in critical condition coded during flight about half way back. Martin and the nurses tried to revive the baby. They kept pumping on the baby's little chest until we landed in Port au Prince. Martin called the guys at MAF to get the hospital staff to meet us at the helicopter. When we arrived we unloaded the babies and rushed them to the UM Hospital tent. The baby which coded in flight did not make it. Today we received word that one of the other two babies had passed away. The third baby is stable and doing well. Love y'all.
Martin and I are doing great. 

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