Monday, April 5, 2010

Connie's Place - Dental Team Day Two Location

Before telling the story about the Dental Team Day two I think the background of Connie is important to know...
Many people and organizations in Haiti would like to utilize our helicopter but not all require this type of transportation. How to distinct where to give priority is sometimes difficult. At MAF´s (Mission Aviation Fellowship) hangar at the main airport in Port-au-Prince I met one of the many people who are helping in Haiti. After a while of conversation I understood that this person had bumped into a 60+ year old american lady in Haiti´s mountains. There in Clairie she is taking care of 21 orphans. All of them, between one and seven years of age, cases where the mother died during or shortly after birth. Mike who I spoke to was the very next day going to transport food, baby food, diapers and other household supplies up to the place, 3,000 feet above sea level. The next day one of our flights was unexpectedly cancelled. I went through my little handy red book, where I put immediately into all the multiple contacts and information which flow over us every day) and found Mike´s phone number from yesterday. I called him to ask how the transport had gone. Due to heavy rain they couldn´t drive the steep dirt road to reach Connie´s place with the orphanage. Due to our cancelled flight I offered him transportation by helicopter. The same afternoon we performed successfully the flight. Amazing! Baby bed beside baby bed. I saw a good home for all the kids. Many flights since then have been completed for Connie and her 2 local haitian helpers for the household and 2 for the yard. Those places we really see the helicopter in good use and want to make a decision for.
by Martin Schroder

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