Friday, October 17, 2008

"Wow what a Day"!!

The information from Haiti has slowed down due to Hunter being in Haiti. Hunter is in charge of keeping the blog updated. While in Haiti he has no Internet access to upload the data.

Beau and Hunter will be back on Oct 20th, once they are back they will provide an update on last week's event's.

On October 15th I was able to take a quick trip to Haiti to check on the operation.
Rene Delgado along with his son Daniel accompanied me on the trip. It was exciting to have them along and see firsthand the way God has been using SamaritanAir to fly relief and bring the message of hope to the people of Haiti.

While there we flew to one of the town's we provide helicopter support for. Upon landing at the LZ we were greeted by hundreds of people who had come to the medical clinic which Pastor Roro set up for the day. There we met two young Doctors who volunteer a couple times a year.

As Rene, Matt,Daniel and myself moved through the crowd Pastor Roro came to us with a request. He said the Doctors had a child who required hospitalization. Wow talk about being at the right place at the right time, the helicopter we flew in on surely could transport the sick child to the hospital.
We contacted the Hands and Feet project Administrator Drex, without any hesitation Drex said he would be glad to help in any way he could. So Renee, Pilot Matt, Future Pilot Daniel transported the child to the town of Jacmel where they met Jo who assisted with the hand off.

Thank You Hands and Feet project for making yourselves available.
Great Teamwork!!
Later in the evening we were invited to Franks house for praise and worship and a quick time to share. It was very inspiring to hear Frank speak.

The title of the Blog came from Daniel Delgado as he sat down at the end of the day for dinner Daniel said with a big grin "Wow what a day"

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