Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We have been busy...

The past few weeks have been full and rich with experiences none of those involved will soon forget. There are many of you who were unable to personally go to Haiti but were there feeding the poor and ministering to the sick through your prayers and support. We hope you will get a glimpse of all that God has done and continues to do through you.

Hunter is back with all the information that we need and also the skill to update the blog.

We have a video for those who like the visual interpretation, the numbers for those who prefer the bottom line and the story to fill in the blanks.

Just the facts…

The helicopter has delivered the following supplies to remote unreachable areas
9,350 lbs of rice
4,750 lbs of beans
2,225 lbs of oil
150 lbs of soap

Medical Flight from remote areas to the hospital
1 child’s life was saved with a quick transport to the hospital

The stories just keep coming as we debrief with the pilots and other short-term missionaries that were apart of this relief effort in Haiti. One common thread to all of them is the sovereign hand of God that directed every step of every day.

Our initial purpose was to deliver food to the desperate people cut off from the food supply due to destroyed roads. It seemed that each day brought with it new opportunities to minister. On a routine visit with a local Pastor we had been helping, the need arose to transport the child to the hospital. Looking back, it was not by chance that we were in that exact place at the exact time that the helicopter would be needed.

The helicopter is not only a necessary tool in the air but also on the ground. There are no other private helicopters in Haiti so when one is flying about delivering food it commands attention. Because of this, one by-product, that we feel will prove to be one of the most instrumental things that happened while we were there, was as Matt said “We helped connect the dots”. We were surprised to find how many of the Christian organizations and churches did not know of each other but they all knew about us. Matt began to network them together and they were able to begin to meet the needs of each other. Once again, the sovereign hand of God moving throughout a country so disconnected by terrain and yet so many people connected in purpose.

With the initial relief effort nearly completed, we now begin the process of assessing the long-term needs of Haiti and how the helicopter can best be used to meet those needs.

Please continue to pray with us as we serve God with our time and resources.

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Unknown said...

My name is Ryan Turk, I volunteered at Christainville this summer and have been following them since the quake. I have a Cessna 210 and would like to coordinate to fly supplies directly to Christainville. Call me at 770-843-6766 or email