Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Earthquake 7.0

Dear Friends, Thank you to those of you who have been calling and wondering what you can do to help. Samaritan Air is working closely with our contacts in Haiti.
The information is coming in slowly but we do know the orphanage and ministry center where we stayed on our last mission has been leveled. The children have been moved to the chicken coups and the staff is staying in the only small building that remains standing on the property.
While we wait to confirm the ability to obtain fuel for the helicopter, clearance to enter the country and other technical details, we are coordinating with various ministries both here and in Haiti to determine exactly what will bring the most relief to the devastating situation.
Please pray for the team as they work on logistics. There are SO many needs and we want to make the best possible decision for the resources that become available.
With heavy hearts and yet hopeful hearts - we reopen the blog .
We are thankful for the network we already have in place there but also saddened because we now personally know them and the extreme hardship they face today and in the months to come.
We hope in some small way we can bring relief. Again, thank you for your prayers for our friends in Haiti and the Samaritan Air team. As updates become avaialble we will email the link to you.


Anonymous said...

Where you able to make it down to Haiti if so how is the fuel situation in pap

CFfH said...

Dear Friends - You have helped our mission in the past - Pouille Haiti - Volner Alexandre and we are wondering if you can help us again. Please contact me at 217-357-3757 or 217-357-4926. Thank you for all you are doing. Larry Smith, Pres. Christ's Freedom for Haiti. (