Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Day On the Ground

Mark and Travis transported medical supplies to Pestel 86 miles to the west of Port au Prince where more supplies are needed tomorow. Zach and Brian dropped in on a 4 story roof top to deliver goods to Pastor Roro an old friend from our last adventures in Haiti. Simon Tanner and Brian secured more medical relief from humaneca to be delivered in the helicopter. We will be delivering supplies to Bone Finn and Christianville tomorrow. Supplies delivered by Mark Schiffindecker to Port au Prince then transported to Christianville by helicopter.

The facts of course do not tell the whole story of what is actually happening in the lives of those serving and the lives of those being served. They start each day with prayer for safety and to open their eyes to the ministry opportunities that are before them.

As always thank you for your prayer and support.