Sunday, March 28, 2010

Samaritan Air Dental Team

Things have finally slowed down enough to get the information out about our Dental Team. The team is listed below.
Dr Mark Kuhl, wife Pam Kuhl, daughter Rachel, Joanna Waylon, Janie Waters, Wilbur Hobgood, Vicki Rigel, Martin, Hunter, and my wonderful Wife Robin. What a group, everyone fit like a glove. It's so nice when you look back on a trip and  see how everyone had their specific purpose.

Day one.
Landed PAP, two of their bags did not show up, well it was one bag and one pitch fork yes I said pitchfork. Martin wanted to bring a pitch fork so the boys could use it to help with the garbage.
And yes you can walk through an airport with a pitchfork.
We unpacked at New Life Children's Home, then set out en-route to  Jean's Village, a dear friend of ours Jean has been working at Christ Fellowship Palm Beach Garden's for many many year's.

Mark and the team quickly set up his Dental office next to the church which had been demolished from the earthquake. The dental office we set up was in the open air under a tin roof, my kind of place.

Mark went into action with the assistance of Janie, Pam and Robin. Wilbur worked crowd control and designated who would sit on the dental table at any given time, Vicki ran the pharmacy. Rachel set up the fluoride treatments. Hunter, Daniel and Martin took a tarp we brought and wrapped it on a leaky roof.
Joanna Waylan a dental hygienist  cleaned teeth, Joanna was very busy with alot of patient's, she managed to finish everyone and did a great job!!!
Jean and his crew were incharge of the list of names and made sure everyone was seen in the proper order.
And me well...... I just stood around and acted like I knew what I was doing.
We also had a translator, Stanley who's House in PAP had collapsed. Stanley was staying in a tent that he set up along with others in the village.

Day two to follow