Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb. 4 Update

Good Evening,

This morning at 0800 we received a call from Tim Peterson who passed the phone to Dr. Randy Kline.
Dr. Kline asked if we would fly out and pick up a patient who would require a foot to be amputated.

Martin, Zach and Michael flew out to picked up the patient. Hunter and I remained back at the airport with the truck ready to receive the helicopter flight and offload the patient.
The coordinates if you would like to view on Google Earth is N18. 37. 94.0 W72. 11. 49.5
After this we transported two teams, one from YWAM and the other an independent organization who set up a medical clinic.

Martin and Zach have been such a blessing. It is amazing to see these guys in action,even after a hard days work flying they still find the time to go in and talk to the children who are in the hospital which is set up at the New Life Children's home.
You may view Zach and Jane Keller on NTM website.