Sunday, March 7, 2010

More of Martin and Hunter


On Saturday we went to Operation Blessing to pick up a load of food. We delivered part of the load to Jean's Orphanage and the other part to to Terry Fowley's friend Pastor Sentiel.

Pastor Sentiel has a small well on the church property however they cannot drink the water from this well it is not safe. We brought two water filters which produce 15 gallons a day per filter. We will try to bring more filters for other's in his area on our next visit.

The cost for Pastor Sentiel to buy one gallon of safe drinking water is 6 Haitian Dollars. This is about .60 cents U.S

We are doing very well, tell everyone hello for me.

We have a day off today, we will go to Kelico Beach. Look it up on the internet, should be fun!!
I am sending pictures for you to post for the TKA kindergarten classes. Let them know the kids really like the soccer Balls

Martins Email

Received the water system from Rich who distributes the ones from Lee King. So our base is good with water now. It is really a good system capable for enough water. 

Begin receiving from the Air Force estimated 200 beds. Mainly for New Life for their new compound/tent. But since we have the contact we give also to people in need. 
Couple of bigger tents are also promised. 

One more orphanage up in the mountains asked for helicopter help due to rain. We will help them next week and at the same time begun already to talk about future service.

Attended security meeting today. All went well.