Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiti Earthquake update from Haiti


The days in Haiti after the earthquake would be overwhelming for most. Our team has been working long hard days; they have no time to get off their feet. We have been up and down supplying rice, beans, medical support and supplies to various regions of Haiti.
The pilots have also pulled double duty to assist some of the Doc’s in the UM Hospital.

Today flights were completed again to Bonne Finn to take Medical supplies that we gathered from various places around the camp and local area medical programs. The pilots are becoming quite versed with medical equipment and medical supplies.

We also began transporting children to the New Life Children’s Home who have been discharged from the hospital but still require medical attention. We also transported to the small hospital setup where they will continue to heal from this tragic event.

The organizations that are here are doing great job. It just so happens to be a monumental task. Samaritans Purse working through Missionary Flights International is bringing us 4 drums of AVGAS which Hunter Parker and Bob Erneston purchased and delivered to the Hangar in Ft Pierce, The delivery time will be today at 1:00PM….I want to give a special thank you to them

I kept thinking yesterday that I have never truly felt real hunger. I can only tell you the desperation I see in their faces says it all. The helicopter made numerous rooftop landings to deliver food to the people. I continued to make drops in the area until it became unsafe for the helicopter to land due to the hostile environment caused by the people who would rush the helicopter as we unloaded our cargo.

We continue to do what we are called to do. The helicopters have been very valuable to the Haitian people. Load by load we make a difference. Please pray as the days continue. The people grow more violent when there is a limited food supply.

I cannot begin to tell you the magnitude of this disaster. The bodies piled in the streets the dead who still remain in the rubble are sights and smells we will not soon forget.
Haiti will rebuild, the spirit of the people has been strained but they are resilient.

Thank each and everyone for their continued prayer and support.

Thank You
Brian Parker